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MagicBar v 2.0
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5 StarZIP 2001 v 1.0

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is simple but powerful program with an easy to use Windows Explorer interface that allows you to create or send a ZIP file or Self - Extracting ZIP without having to use any other compression or e-mail software.
"Email and Zip?? I hate hearing those together! Start up my Zip program, zip the files, put the archive out there, run my mail program, address it and send it out. What a pain.

5 StarZIP simplifies that process by doing it all in essentially one step. The program starts with a fairly basic file selection interface. You choose your multiple files, and click ok. You are then presented with a simple email interface, where you say who the email is going to, and type a message. Voila! That's all there is to it. Your zipped files go out as an attachment.

This I think, is what good programming is all about. Finding a newer, quicker method to perform a task. I'm not saying it's going to change your life, or even change your day, really, but it's quicker and easier then the alternative...

I like this one. Like it a lot. It doesn't solve a lot of problems, but it does solve one really well, and that's all I really ask."

Independant review by Bill Joynt.
* Powerfull ZIP features:
ZIP Auto-Extractible (no need for the recipient to have a ZIP program)
Disk Spanning (a big ZIP file on several disks)
PASSWORD to protect your files (compatible with the major ZIP programs)
E-mail your files in one step (compression+sending)
Image Viewer inside(see the images you want to ZIP)
LOG all ZIP activities
(a single window to ZIP and UNZIP)
* Powerfull UNZIP features:
Anti Virus check,
Auto Install zipped applications
5 StarZIP saves the last paths used to extract your files for future fast access!
View a file without extracting it,
E-mail to a friend in one click of mouse the zipped file you see.
* Other features:
Signature, Dial-Up
Can stay permanently in the system tray. 5 StarZIP?? ALWAYS READY!
E-Mail Flash, to send an E-Mail in a flash
Good installation program
Easy to use interface
No need to mess with heaps of dialog boxes
Explorer Drag & Drop
Cool Buttons
Roll-up form

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License: Shareware
OS: Win95,98,Me,NT,2000
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What users thinks about 5StarZIP:

Ron, USA: " Thanks for a great program. Have tried all the rest but yours is the best. So user friendly. I don`t understand all it can do but what ever I`ve wanted to do I`ve done. Other product are so involved that no one can make use of the features they offer. Keep up the good work. Regards."

Frank Callas: "The more I use 5 StarZIP, the more I find to like. I finally can open files without starting the install process, just to find out what's in the file, or to decide if I even want to install the program. Being able to install a program right from 5 StarZIP, is also a dream come true. I can store the archived zip files anywhere I want to, open up and install them right from 5 StarZIP, and not even have to bother with deleting temp files. What a blessing. The file splitting and self unzipping apps are just icing on the cake. Thanks for a great program!"

Alwyn Evans, USA. "Just to say! I think your 5 StarZIP prog. is absolutely Brilliant!!!! I could'nt think of a way to improve it. It's Easy and intuitive to use and it has loads of features."

Badri: "Sir, Your 5 StarZIP is great. I have been using it for the last two weeks. It is quite good. It is better than WinZip for its ease of use and because its not a nagware. Keep up the good job. I tried to Zip a 2.61 Mb folder with gifs jpgs and program files using FreeZIP and PK Zip for Windows. Yours was better by 1 Mb. Its great have your zip utility, Sir. With regards,"